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GPS tricks for Pokémon Go: 3 techniques to get around without walking - 06 Aug 2016 15:33


Among the many tips and tricks for Pokemon Go, there are some to hatch the eggs faster . This saves a lot of kilometers and many hours of waiting. It is not easy in fact go every day the distance required to hatching the eggs and having to wait is really frustrating.

If we live in a big city, maybe it's not hard to take a walk in the center. It can also be nice to hatch the eggs while we try Pokémon in Rome for example. But definitely it is less enjoyable if we live in the suburbs or in the countryside. Of course, the beautiful air and beautiful scenery could be an invitation to walk. But if we work or if you still go hunting for Pokémon in after dinner, the dark is an obstacle. Besides that an obstacle also a danger.

Walk far with your smartphone in hand, also creates a further problem. If we do not have a spare battery, we risk being discharged. Fortunately there are ways to solve the problem of battery consumption. But undoubtedly also carry a second spare battery is inconvenient.

On the Internet there are many clash royale cheats, but there are some really bizarre. Look for example what came up to hatch the eggs without crossing any but Km from the comfort of your own home.


The first how to get free instagram followers is really bizarre. What is needed to put it into practice is simply a bicycle. It proceeds as follows:

Step 1: First, you must equip your smartphone a carrying case. Not good ones latex that wrap around the phone as a remote control saving. They serve those enclosures that allow the smartphone to have an "opening" space behind. Or a creative approach to find a suitable support to the use that you see in the video.
Step 2: It must also be a bicycle. Okay any bicycle, just that it works.
Step 3: Turn the bike upside down, with the saddle and the handlebar resting on the ground. The wheels are turned upside down and look at the ceiling.
Step 4: Using the space between smartphones and custody, or by another support you invented, it binds the smartphone to the rear wheel spokes.
Step 5: You operate the pedals of the bicycle as upside is free to spin the wheel stops.
Step 6: The smartphone at this point will start to rotate integral with the wheel and it will be easy and fast along the kilometers necessary to hatch the eggs.
Step 7: You have created the first how to view private instagram profiles

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